Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tesing background design again

I want the pattern in the background to crawl onto the posting block.. but I don`t know how to do this, so now i am testing out some new techniques..

So i finally found out. That i would have to use a white field in the middle of the page. Than make shadows on the brushes. ( Dark brushes in its own layer ) .
The white field has to be wider than the blogpage. My blogpage is 900 pixels wide.
Here my background is 1300 pixels wide. Fixed.
I have quite a wide screen on my computer. Most people have now. But I can see on the other two computers we have here, that has "shorter"screens, that the background dissapears completely. But if I make it narrower, it will leave an empty space on wide screens.

So i decided to colour the blogpostingbackground white. So if you are viewing this on a narrow screen, you will only see white background. Better than the pattern interfeering with the text.
The result of the pink background can be seen on my other blog HERE

I made the dark brush strokes with a pattern brush ( photoshop, but same can be used in Gimp ) than a drop down shadow and a gradient overlay. Smooth transparent and pink.